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Maya Skye Henderson

Estados Unidos




A silent short film about crying, which explores sensations as well as perceptions surrounding emotionality and melodrama through performance, strobed and looped images.

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5° Festival ECRÃ



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Première Internacional 5° Festival ECRÃ

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L / Free for all audiences / Livre Para Todos Os Públicos




arte, drama, luzes piscantes, sem som, experimental

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Maya Skye Henderson

Maya Skye Henderson is a 19 year old filmmaker and artist from Indiana, USA. From a young age, Henderson had a devotion to storytelling and creative writing. Starting in high school, she won 3rd place in Carmel High School’s 2016 Creative Writing competition, the 2017 Rookie of the Year award for Carmel High School Television, as well as having her cinematography reel nominated by the school to be judged in the annual Indiana Association of School Broadcasters competition. In 2018, Henderson received a scholarship to attend Interlochen Arts Academy for the Documentary Filmmaking summer program, where she created her short film ‘Summer Friends’ and went on to spend a semester at the academy studying in the Motion Picture Arts program. There, she discovered different avenues for her work by participating in theater classes and working as a grip on student thesis productions. At Interlochen, Henderson and her friend, Moses, created ‘Super Dark Times’, a noise-band that put on improvised performance art pieces around campus. In 2020, Henderson moved to Sedona, Arizona, and finished high school at Laurel Springs School. Since graduating, she has worked with many artists such as percbuddy, Lil B The BasedGod, and Will For Short. Her work is often experimental in nature, exploring improvisation, film collage, documentary, and digital manipulation. She is inspired by artists such as Stan Brakhage, David Lynch, and Joe Swanberg.

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