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Beech Tree

John Woodman

Reino Unido




The tree is fast becoming an important symbol for the Anthropocene at this time increasing climate change and our diminishing biodiversity.

This twin screen film (set adjacent within a 16:9 format) is a comparative study which celebrates a Beech Tree through changes in light, space and time, represented in the film in the transitions between light and shade and visibility and obscurity.

Beech Tree-illumination (left screen) depicts differences in light from shade to varying degrees of illumination. Beech Tree-Appearance (right screen) depicts how different weather conditions affect the representation of the image. Each of the films are comprised of a series of hand held continuous 'real time' takes of varying durations selected from films recorded over a 10 year period from 2010-20. It is presented as a silent film.

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5° Festival ECRÃ



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Première Internacional 5° Festival ECRÃ

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L / Free for all audiences / Livre Para Todos Os Públicos




arte, documentário, ecologia, espiritual

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John Woodman

John Woodman is an experimental film/video artist who works with and investigates landscape. His films have been screened at international festivals and film installations shown in numerous galleries across the world.

Woodman was one of the founding members of the London Filmmakers co-op, Undercut Magazine Collective and a co-editor and designer from 1981-86. He has worked in collaboration with Jean Matthee, films; NEXT DOOR and DOUBLE DOORS,1981 and with Roger Polley on photographic projects, commissions and installation. This work has been shown in many national and international galleries and also featured on Channel 4. Books and DVD published on the work include the 'Structure of Chance'; Spirit of Nature' ; 'In Search for the Sacred; 'Sequences'; 'Ruskin's Pond' and 'Of Truth of Water- John Ruskin' (As editor).The DVD 'Landscape Films-John Woodman 1977-82 was published by LUX, UK in 2013. He is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Cumbria, Institute of of the Arts.

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