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Convergência MKL

MLK Convergence

Joergen Geerds & Uli Futschik

Estados Unidos


Instalação Digital / Arte Interativa


Colors, feelings and textures were inspiration for bassist Marlene Rosenberg’s compositions and albums in the past. In contrast, her latest album – “MLK Convergence” – is a response through music to America’s societal and political woes. For the recording in NYC, Marlene brings together drummer Lewis Nash and pianist Kenny Barron, a union forming the acronym MLK. The title, of course, also evokes the philosophies of the late Martin Luther King Jr. The short 360 documentary provides a gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the recording and into the composer’s mindset.

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5° Festival ECRÃ



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Première Fivars Festival 2021

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L / Free for all audiences / Livre Para Todos Os Públicos



biografia, cultura, documentário-híbrido, documentário, imersivo, musical, nova mídia, vídeo musical


Joergen Geerds & Uli Futschik

Joergen Geerds and Uli Futschik have been creating award-winning 360 video since 2012, always exploring the possibilities of immersive video, and pushing the envelope. Prior to becoming 360 filmmakers, Uli finished her PhD in Physics, and Joergen wrapped up his career as Art Director in Advertising in NYC.

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